Q: Tell me about your beer list.
A: Our list is kind of huge, and it changes too much to make it worth the trouble to post it and keep it updated. Sorry, that’s just real. We stock the usual round of domestics, popular imports, local brews and micros, plus seasonals and a deeper micro and import selection for the adventurous. We’ve never in our history heard complaints about our beer selection being insufficient.
Q: How do I get to the Grog Shop?A: PRACTICE! LOL! Just kidding! But no, yeah, you should practice. We’re located at the corner of Coventry and Euclid Heights Blvd. in Cleveland Heights. Look us up on Google Maps for precise directions and location info.
Q: So if I get there early, is there anywhere decent to eat, or any cool shops in which I may kill time?A: Yes. EMPHATICALLY yes, in fact. We’re at the southern end of a historical business/hangout district, and there are plentiful cool shops and restaurants. From sports bars and sandwich shops to upscale dining and wine bars to locally-owned coffee and pizza slice places to like 3 or 4 AMAZING Asian restaurants, whatever you might want to eat (vegan and gluten-free included!) is readily available within walking distance. And pretty much every kind of boutique, used book shop, vintage toy store, antique shop or record store is on the strip too. For far more details than we can effectively provide here, check out the Coventry Village website.
Q: Um, the parking situation?A: All the parking in the Coventry district is street parking or in metered lots, so keep that in mind when you’re deciding whether to ride your bike here or drive your 27 foot RV. After 6, street parking is free, but if you’re going to park in a lot, you’ll need quarters. The Cleveland Heights Police are vigilant about ticketing, so you need to be vigilant about your meter being sufficiently fed. If you’re in a band that’s playing here and you’re loading in, load-in is through the front doors. If you can’t find a load-inably nearby spot on the street, you can double-park (with your hazards on) in front of the club for as long as you need to QUICKLY load in.
Q: I’m not from Cleveland. Where can I stay if I want to visit for a Grog Shop show?A: Unfortunately, there are no motels within walking distance. The Glidden House is a really cute B&B relatively nearby. If you’re not feeling B&B spendy and you want a motel, your best bet is to check Priceline and focus your search on downtown Cleveland. We’re not close to downtown, but that’s where the best prices will be, and we’re like a $15 cab ride, tops.Q: So yeah, if my band plays there, what’s the deal with, like, sound?

A: Oh, you lucky so-and-so, we TOTALLY have sound! We have a 32-channel board that’ll fill our comfortable, air-conditioned room with your genius through 8 speakers capable of up to 110db of raw rock power without distortion. And there are monitors, too!