Night Demon, Graveshadow, Ground Zero

Sun · April 9, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Grog Shop


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Anvil is Anvil! A self-confident statement. A band philosophy. And what’s more: a life motto. Anvil is Anvil, that’s the title of their latest album. And the name says it all: an unambiguous, uncompromising recording, typical of this band. At the same time it’s fresh, occasionally surprising and generally exciting through and through. A stalwart metal manifesto by a band who stand for authenticity and credibility like few others in this fast-lived business. “We’re sometimes criticised for never changing,” guitarist and vocalist Lips Kudlow explains. “But why should we change something we’re renowned for? Isn’t it much more important to stay faithful to yourself? To do what you do best? The idea behind our latest album is: we are what we are, and that’s how it’s going to stay!” For all Anvil fans, this is the best news of the year. And the all-important date for 2016 has already been scheduled: Anvil is Anvil will be released by Steamhammer/SPV on 26 February 2016. So be sure to mark the day in your diary!

Because Anvil is Anvil presents Lips Kudlow, drummer Robb Reiner and their new bassist Chris Robertson in a thoroughly magic metal moment. Kudlow: “Time will tell whether this album is the absolute pinnacle of our career. But I would already refer to it as ´gaining the momentum`. The year 2013 was a perfect new start for Anvil. We were touring, went on to write the new material, toured again and returned to compose some more. During that time, the new line-up gelled into a real unit. The arrival of Chris was just as significant for us as the film back in 2008. He helped me enormously with my vocal lines, which is why my voice sounds better than ever on stage and also in the studio.”

The same could be said of the new material. Anvil is Anvil sounds all of one piece and presents the band’s amazing diversity, combined with their conscious loyalty to the compositional DNA of their own classics. ´Die For A Lie` for example sounds like a contemporary version of ´Jackhammer` and the stomping ´Runaway Train` features the same directives as ´Smoking Green`, only based on Kudlow’s present-day maturity. “I practically graduated from the Bob Marlette University,” the Anvil frontman praises the American producer with whom the band recorded their 2011 release, Juggernaut Of Justice (2011). “Bob showed me how to write songs which really mean something. So when I started to compose this time around, I was perfectly groomed.”

Talking of which: Anvil is Anvil was produced by Martin ´Mattes` Pfeiffer (U.D.O.) at the Redhead 4 Studios in Pulheim near Cologne, Germany. For Kudlow, whose family is Jewish, as is drummer Robb Reiner’s, it was a special moment to work with a German producer in a German studio. “There’s a song on Anvil is Anvil that’s called ´Forgive Don´t Forget`, which says everything about our attitude. Nobody is guilty of anything that happened before their time, especially since Germany has critically examined and come to terms with its own past. Anvil have always been welcome in Germany, even during difficult phases. When we think of Germany, we think of friends, not war criminals.” Kudlow calls himself an idealist who takes a clear political stance with songs such as ´Gun Control` and ´Die For A Lie` and also denounces the ambiguous role of the church. He says: “Religion is frequently used to involve people in military conflict. Hate in the name of God – that’s just wrong!”

Yet Anvil is Anvil not only touches on sensitive issues but also documents the band’s lust for life, their dynamic musical style and their absolute down-to-earthiness. When Kudlow delivers the line “Ace of Spades and the joker is wild” on ´It´s Your Move` with a surprisingly realistic Motörhead timbre, it proves his sense of humour and is an homage at the same time (“close friends with Lemmy since 1981, he is definitely part of the family”). And when Anvil invite their fans to the studio to join the choir on ´Daggers And Rum`, it only shows the closeness between the musicians and their fans. “We’ve never recorded a pirate metal shanty such as ´Daggers & Rum` before. I’m sure this number will go down well on the upcoming tour.”
Night Demon
Hailing from the city of Ventura an hour north of Los Angeles, Night Demon is a classic metal trio comprising vocalist/bassist Jarvis Leatherby, guitarist Brent Woodward and drummer Dusty Squire. The band unites the three members' musical inspirations and influences ranging from old-school metal greats such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Riot and Saxon to punk legends The Misfits. But whilst Night Demon's music proudly exhibits these roots, it does so in a manner contemporary with modern time, and even in Night Demon's short tenure as an active band since 2012, this quality has compelled first-time listeners to take notice and has made an indelible impact on them.

Night Demon released their self-titled debut EP in April 2013, consisting of four original compositions on CD and vinyl, and to coincide with their massively extensive Spring 2014 European tour (including appearances at Keep It True and Pounding Metal Fest), they put out an expanded edition of the EP with four additional tracks including three rare, obscure cover tunes Axe Crazy (Jaguar), Lightning To The Nations (Diamond Head) and Radar Love (Golden Earring; live version).

Spring 2014 also saw Night Demon successfully sign a European record deal with SPV/Steamhammer, and was soon followed by a signing with Century Media Records for North America (and the rest of the world excluding Europe). In Fall 2014, Night Demon embarked on an epic journey across North America with British metal legends Raven, and returned home from this 44-show, 9-week, 19000-mile run having established a strong first impression on old-school metalheads throughout the continent, turning Raven fans into Night Demon fanatics overnight. Also in 2014, Night Demon completed work on their debut full-length album 'Curse Of The Damned', featuring 11 brand new original tracks, and with its early 2015 worldwide release began the next chapter of the Demon's rapid rise.

In January 2015, Night Demon trekked a four-week winter US tour supporting Skull Fist and Elm Street, and this tour witnessed the debut of the band's new, enhanced live show which has since included their own manually operated lighting display, and the much-heralded on-stage appearance of their chalice-bearing reaper-esque mascot 'Rocky' every night. Audiences nationwide were mind-blown and held captive for life, further expanding the band's fan-base. The end of this tour was marked with a one-off gig opening for Eyehategod in Fresno CA. This added to the band's past high-profile gigs such as the three-show 2013 West Coast run with Diamond Head and Raven, and being personally invited by Glenn Danzig to be part of the Samhain reunion Los Angeles show in 2014.

The 2015 winter US tour was immediately followed by a comprehensive 10-week tour of Europe, wherein they played several excellently attended headline shows, appeared at the Metal Assault festival in Germany and the Very 'Eavy fest in the Netherlands, and played a handful of gigs with Dave Lombardo's Philm. After the completion of this run and a short three-week break at home, Night Demon set foot on a D.I.Y. spring/summer 2015 headline tour of their own through the United States, bringing their richest stage production and longest set lists for the viewing and listening pleasure of their legion of devoted fans.

Besides the unadulterated musicianship and exuberance of their original tunes, Night Demon's strength lies in their live performance wherein they win new fans every time they take the stage, whether it's Europe or North America. They have undoubtedly established themselves as seasoned musicians, powerful performers and unrelenting road warriors, and with hundreds of shows already under their belt, Night Demon is primed for endlessly extensive worldwide touring in the immediate and long-term future, and while they carry on with this conquest for global domination, they continue to compose face-melting, spellbinding new material.

Be on the lookout for Night Demon hitting a stage near you, and prepare yourselves to get down to the ritual!
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