Whiskey Daredevils w/ The Torments

Whiskey Daredevils w/ The Torments

Whiskey Daredevils
The Torments
Grog Shop
All Ages
Whiskey Daredevils with The Torments

Whiskey Daredevils announce the brand new album Bonafide!

This record has come together like so many others. A quick blast of creative energy followed by diligent mixing and then a long slumber as we get artwork together. The current Daredevils lineup knocked out 15 songs at Rust Belt with our guru John Smerek this winter. To those of you that have been attending shows of late, these songs have been prominently figuring in the set lists. It appears that many of you will really like this record based on the number of people that come up to the merch table asking about "that Shine A Light song" or "the one about the Husker Du t-shirt". It also doesn't hurt that this might be our best sounding record ever. Hector's tone slides into a natural place alongside the rhythm section and it just sounds very warm and natural. As John said to me via text after finishing his mixes, "Are you going to press this on vinyl?" Yes. "Good boy".

We will be making our rounds on the festival circuit over the next couple months. For the first time in ages, we will be at Heavy Rebel, playing the Main Stage on Friday night. As many of you might have heard, some scum bag(s) sawed off the Whiskey Wagon's catalytic converter, causing a bunch of damage in the process. The good news is we have made the repairs and are now in a much more secure parking situation. The bad news is that it siphoned off some of our band fund to pay for record pressing, so we need to hit the shows and collect enough scratch to get this platter together. Come on out and see us play. We need to take some of your money and give it to someone else so you can hear this new record!

As of now, the release date for the record is set as a very firm "early Fall?". As there are now only four people on the planet that press LPs, and every jagoff in the world putting one out, we expect to be pretty far back in the assembly line. As always, as soon as we get it, we will let you know. Until then, come on out and see us, would you?

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Grog Shop