HOLD AH VYBEZ: Cleveland's Own Jam Rock Reggae Summit


HOLD AH VYBEZ: Cleveland's Own Jam Rock Reggae Summit

Thu ยท November 15, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Grog Shop

$10.00 - $12.00

Off Sale

This event is all ages

Cleveland's Own Jam Rock Reggae Summit
Cleveland's Own Jam Rock Reggae Summit
A Cleveland Reggae Jam Rock summit with some of Cleveland's best Reggae artists. Hosted by Ms BBC and created in conjunction with Carlos Jones to promote the celebration & love of reggae, roots & rock music. Special guests include Sun Shade, Carlos Jones, Dubb Starr Band, Jah Messengers, Sugar Man, Milton Black, Ras Khalifa, Charmel, and Inya Ingi.

Our Mission:

For many years now I have been unbelievably blessed with the love and support of the Cleveland community and with the acceptance of my love for playing Reggae music.
You've always heard me sing about "where Reggae comes from", which obviously, is Jamaica. It's more than just a song. It's a feeling I've had for a long time that expressed itself through music, and so many of you got it. My approach to the music has been as someone who, although outside of the culture, has attempted to elevate people's perception of Reggae beyond the stereotypes that are most commonly put forward and to convey my deep love and respect for the country and culture that spawned the music in the first place.

I've come to know and be inspired by many highly talented Jamaican musicians who live in the Cleveland area and have seen how they have worked very hard to gain recognition and appreciation for their artistry and talent, which I feel is on par with any international Reggae artist you'd want to name. Some have gained accolades nationally and even internationally, but I couldn't help but notice that there has seemed to be less than an even playing field as far as appreciation on a local level, for whatever reason.
I have always enjoyed every opportunity I've had to be close to the source of this vibration, whether it be sitting on a beach in Jamaica, playing my drum and singing songs with the local people, or jamming with my Bredren and Sistren at a local venue or gathering - the true spirit and cultural significance of the music always comes through, and I feel it is a real privilege to be allowed to be a part of it. Because of this, it has been my wish to see artists of the Jamaican community come forward and have a gathering where they can be shown the love and appreciation they deserve, and let the Cleveland Reggae Family be more united around the great pool of talent this city holds. My role in this is only meant to be that of supporter and facilitator.

I give much thanks to Chryst Duden (Ms BBC) for agreeing to share her night with me (she will be celebrating her birthday) and the Grog Shop for hosting this event and allowing us to try this ambitious experiment.

I hope you all will come out and see what we're up to. There will be some sweet Reggae music in the place, and we want everyone to feel dem Spirit.
Venue Information:
The Grog Shop
2785 Euclid Heights Blvd
Cleveland, OH, 44106