The Sea And Cake

The Sea And Cake

Fits of Hail, Brian Straw

Tue · November 20, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

The Grog Shop

$13 adv / $15 dos

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This event is all ages

The Sea And Cake
The Sea And Cake
The Sea And Cake deliver a refreshingly intimate
collection of elegantly arranged, singular pop songs.
For over two decades and 11 albums, The Sea And
Cake have honed a sound all their own, comprised
of delicate, intertwining guitar patterns, syncopated
rhythms, and airy melodies. Masters of subtlety, their
compositions have continually evolved - through
minute alterations in texture, unusual approaches to
lyrics, and creative production choices. Any Day is
testament to The Sea And Cake’s artistry, song craft,
and utterly unique sound. The results are intimate
songs that speak to the searcher in all of us. Through
shifting instrumentation and sonic exploration, the band invites you into a world that is both
familiar and unexpected.
Written and recorded following the departure of bassist Eric Claridge, Any Day is The Sea And
Cake’s first album recorded as the trio of Sam Prekop, Archer Prewitt, and John McEntire.
Since the release of their last album (2012’s Runner), the band have, in addition to shows, been
creatively very busy: Prekop focusing on solo modular synthesizer and soundtrack work, including
an acclaimed collaboration with artist David Hart; McEntire’s recording and touring with
Tortoise, and maintaining a busy schedule as a recording engineer and producer; and Prewitt’s
work as a cartoonist and illustrator, in addition to duo performances with Prekop. The band, still
actively performing with bassist Douglas McCombs (Tortoise, Brokeback), were inspired by
the challenge of composing as a smaller unit. Once the songs began to take shape, says Prekop, “we
got really excited about it almost immediately - as soon as we started playing together.”
The compositions throughout Any Day, while intricate as ever, rarely employ synthesizers; opting
instead for the more organic sounds of stacked guitars and organs. The band were joined on the
title track by Paul Von Mertens (a frequent collaborator with Brian Wilson) on flute and
clarinet; and Nick Macri on double bass. Prekop delivers some of the most vocal-centric songs in
the band’s catalogue. His words are chosen and placed for their sound and cumulative meaning.
This poetic, painterly approach invites a myriad of lyrical interpretations. One can derive varied
personal meanings from each song. This broad connection and truth may be the key to the bands
remarkable currency with their fans for over 25 years. The heart of the album’s instrumentation is
Prewitt’s intriguing choice of guitar effects, sparingly used to enhance his counter melodies. The
combinations create a wealth of textures from surprisingly few instruments. From the distant coos
of “Starling” to string like swells of “Into Rain,” Prewitt’s contributions are potent. John McEntire’s
deft hands behind the drums, bass, and mixing board enliven the album’s minimal approach with
a nimble shimmer just as exquisite as the more densely layered earlier albums.
Any Day captures The Sea And Cake’s distinctive aural alchemy, melding longing melancholy with
hopeful excitement. In other hands the combination seems impossible, but for The Sea And Cake,
it’s effortless.
Fits of Hail
Fits of Hail
Brian Straw
Venue Information:
The Grog Shop
2785 Euclid Heights Blvd
Cleveland, OH, 44106