All Eyes on Her w/Boss Lucci /Big 40/Mz Crazy Tee/J Leshelle  & more

All Eyes on Her w/Boss Lucci /Big 40/Mz Crazy Tee/J Leshelle & more

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Sat ยท June 30, 2018

7:00 pm

The Grog Shop

$10 advance / $20 at the door

Off Sale

This event is all ages

All Eyes on Her

Doors at 7pm

$10 advance / $20 at the door

Mz Crazy Tee
Mz Crazy Tee
Every minute, a star is born. Every hour, a prodigy is conceived. But what happens when that minute and that hour collide? Takisha "Mz. Crazy Tee" Jackson was born in Cleveland, OH. Although her dad, whom she was raised by, did his all to make sure she had what she needed, she knew that there was something more out there. Something more fulfilling, more satisfying, and she was determined to find it and make it her own. Mz. Crazy Tee grew up without something that most females didn't...a mother. But that never slowed her pace. With help from her father and friends, she grew up to be a strong female and despite adversities, followed her dreams. She graduated from Max Hayes High school with many things under her belt. Prom and homecoming queen were amongst 2 of these things, proving that she had love and respect from her peers. At the age of 16, Mz. Crazy Tee started to write poetry. Once she realized how much writing was an outlet for her, she turned her thoughts into passages and evolved her poetry into a different form of release...bars. Rapping had become more than a hobby or a past time. For her, it was a love, a passion. At 18 she practiced reciting her music and perfecting her delivery. She took the artform into her own hands, threw her creative spin on it, and from it came masterpieces. At 19, Mz. Crazy Tee started performing in order to work on her stage presence. Now, at the tender age of 20, Mz. Crazy Tee has the lyrical content, stage presence, delivery and swag, all of which are requirements for reaching the top. These qualities have allowed her to open up for names such as Soulja Boy, Gucci Mane, and Crime Mob. As all big dreams, nothing happens overnight...and especially not without pain, sweat, and tears. Deaths of siblings and a missing mother figure are all things that could have stopped and de-railed the average person. But even with these circumstances, Takisha still graduated #7 in her class as the only female in her class's top 10, took the title of Talent Show Variety winner 3 years ina row in high school, became class president, graduated, attends college where she maintains a 3.0 on the deans list as a full time student, and works as an intern for a construction firm. How average is that?
Mz. Crazy Tee is truly a breathe of fresh air in the Cleveland music scene which has some how been contaminated by music that all sounds the same. She is not another "kappin'" clone, nor does she fall into the catergory of the typical female rapper. Mz. Crazy Tee is an emcee, which diffrentiates her from other female rap acts. She didn't pick rapping up simply because she could rhyme. She chose music as her source because she has love for the history, love for the craft, and love for the music. She lives her life in melody, she thinks in bars, she walks to a beat. She is...Mz. Crazy Tee.
Venue Information:
The Grog Shop
2785 Euclid Heights Blvd
Cleveland, OH, 44106